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Conflict Management Communication

Communication is the way of interaction among the fellow human beings. It is the way one gets the message across from one person to another. There are different ways one communicates like through eyes, faces, as well as with words and voices. In a management company Conflict Management Communication causes a gap of interaction among workers, which leads to conflicts and problems later on.

Interpersonal communication helps the manager of a group to create a beautiful way of interaction among the workers. It helps the team leader to build a nice environment around the office by enhancing nice and calm behavior among the workers. Conflict Management Communication obstructs that kind of behavior among the workers and disrupts the working environment around the office of the company. In order to avoid such kind of disruption a person needs to successfully interact with other persons of the office. There are many kinds of ways in which a person interacts with other person due to which Conflict Management Communication arises like Perception. Perception is the way through which we observe or perceive a conflict like for example – Steve may have a fixed viewpoint on a certain context and when Matt tries to make Steve accept his viewpoint he (Matt) simply is not able to understand why he (Steve) does not accept it. It’s because Steve’s way of perceiving the context was different than the way of Matt`s. Their perceptions towards the problem were totally different and so in order to avoid Conflict Management Communication they should make their perceptions towards the context totally clear to each other. Perception develops as one grows older and there are various things that affects perception like one`s family background, one`s ethnic background, age, work experiences, values and spiritual outlook. One should develop their senses of listening more clearly in manner of mutual understanding of both to avoid Conflict Management Communication. The usual patterns of one`s behavior can logical, matured and considerable or it can immature, illogical unsatisfactory communication for him and with the others he communicates. Then there are different people in an office who a certain style of communication in their own like the Director- these kind of people are generally impatient, wants to get their work done as quickly as possible, they are totally direct in their communication and sometimes they speak abrasively so one should be a bit more patient and calm headed with them. Then comes the Party person who is generally the friendly, informal and the outgoing type. They are always energetic and so one should be a bit more persistent and gentle with them in order not to dampen their enthusiasm. Then comes the Stabilizer who are shy but the friendly type who are loyal but have problem in saying no so one should give them their ample space and right so that they can speak for themselves. Then at last comes the accountant who is quiet but the most attentive person in a team so one should give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and ideas.