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Conflict Management Resolution

Conflict Management Resolution is the process of observing and perceiving a person’s needs. If one can provide that to the person then it’s good to go. A manager, supervisor or leader in an organisation should strive to create a work environment that let the stakeholders to succeed and thrive. Intervention is required in conflicts, turf wars, and differences in opinion which can lead to interpersonal conflict. Every person in an office has different needs. Conflict Management Resolution is the way of getting to know a person and what he wants through observing his behavior or his postures his bodily movements etc. in order to reduce the emotional intensity in any context or topic.

One of the methods Conflict Management Resolution is to build some sort of interaction or rapport with the other person and simply copying or mirroring his movements from then on, like one first talk to the other person verbally and then non-verbally goes on changing his postures according to the other person. He first starts talking with the other person and then if the second person sits he sits, the second person crosses his legs then he crosses his legs, the second person moves his right leg against left leg he also does the same. The second person gently moves his hand and rests his hand on the top of the table he also gently does that. The main thing is to while verbally communicating with the person one should also gently go o mirroring his movements in slow instances. Mirroring one`s movements sends a kind of unconscious feeling that they are not a threat to each other and the conversation goes on smoothly. In order to sense a person tries to be closer to that person in every way. If one wants to tell the person and assure him that to be on his side then try to like sit beside him in a meeting or at right angles to him in a restaurant. Don’t shake his hand with stiffness in the elbow, try to break the elbow while shaking it but don’t go closer to that person beyond the length of a handshake. Then another method to continue Conflict Management Resolution is to avoid direct eye contact at times of heated disagreements or discussions. At that time mirroring each others movements would lead up to total chaos and confusion so at that time its better to keep the interaction at a non verbal level. A non verbal level communication at that time will totally give the boost from the one person to another that he wants to remain in contact with the other person but at the moment wants to break away from that person. While applying these techniques one should try to be subtle, gentle and natural. If it gets too obvious then the other person will feel manipulated, so in order to avoid this feeling in the other person one should keep it gentle in order to make the Conflict Management Resolution successful.