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Dealing with Conflict

Conflicts forms inevitable part of workplace and the environment is largely found to be mean. Hence large part of career management is related to dealing with conflict at job. This is the reason why a number of companies laid emphasis on conflict resolution. It is largely possible for employers and fellow workers to share better relation by efficiently dealing with conflict and resolving frictions. There are a number of methods that can be applied for dealing with conflict when tempers rise. A straightforward technique that can be applied at work place is named as ECA Formula. The most important thing is related to expression of your feelings in an honest way. A number of people find it complicated to express their feelings in an open manner as they are frightened of how others would react to their situation. However it has to be remembered that suppressing feelings only increases your tension as well as resentment.

Hence it is good for employees to show what they feel to their supervisors and vice versa. You need to carry on with effective communication by listening intently to the words of your colleague. You should repeat this in your own words for ensuring that you comprehended everything well. You should never accuse your co-worker at the time of highlighting your position. This is the safest way for dealing with conflict in workplace. Further when it comes to dealing with conflict at work, your main objective should be maintaining healthy relation with others and not get involved in winning arguments. Your main concentration should be making both parties comfortable at the time of dealing with conflict on job. It is not always easy to resolve conflicts at work but practice will definitely assist you to a large extent in dealing with conflict and improve relationships at work.

An intelligent leader provides employees with the necessary tools for dealing with conflict on their own in place of acting as referee. A leader provides encouragement to employees and just guides them to carry out tasks in their own way. They take the opinions of employees in relation to handling a particular situation. They look out carefully for important causes. Good leaders assist the individual in concentrating on definite behaviours and not on personality. They also redirect an individual to displaying objection back to the person who was involved in disagreement. The leader also gives suggestions on the ways to approach the individual for effectively dealing with conflict.

The manager can also ask the person to provide feedback on the way things moved and can also give added feedback when required. It is wise to impart training to employees as well as management on the methods for dealing with conflict as disagreements are quite predictable at workplace. This will largely assist the employees to concentrate less on each other and spend comparatively more time on customers. Conflict management training for dealing with conflict helps in protection of most valuable resources and maintains satisfied as well as productive staff members in the organisation. The employees as well as managers get hold of communicative tools for preventing and dealing with conflict by way of conflict resolution training.