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Conflict Management Skills

A Conflict signifies to a feeling, which opposes against certain needs, values or interests. It is like a clash of one interest against another, which can explain the cause of many fights and wars taking place in so many spheres of the earth. Conflict Management refers to such a kind of a feeling taking place among employers and employees in so many management companies of the world. This kind of a feeling is inevitable but it can be reduced and turned into an opportunity. This kind of a feeling shifts the focus of people from the ultimate goal of the team so which ultimately affects the productivity of the company. In order to reduce Conflict Management Skills are required so as to continue a healthy inter personal relationship among the workers.

An optimist sees some kind of opportunity in every difficulty. As said Conflict Management leads to confusion and violence it can also lead to emergence of new creative ideas and solutions when discussed with both the opposite sides of a debate. One of the main Conflict Management skills is to listen actively. By listening here we mean is to deeply and carefully hearing the words spoken and then understanding, acknowledging and responding. While hearing the person’s words one try to carefully find the meaning of the content said and then respond. In order to be more clear about the content one can again ask for the content to be repeated. While addressing the conflict one should make the other people understand clearly where the conflict lies. Understanding and acknowledging does not mean the same thing. Acknowledging means to assure the other person that his content has been understood and then making them understand in a clearer and peaceful way about the conflict. Then comes summarising and paraphrasing. Another Conflict Management Skill is keeping the Emotions in Check. This is a very important Conflict Management Skill that is to monitor emotions of oneself and also others. Signs indicate of a person becoming emotional is when they star talking, louder or start to interrupt others. One should at that time try to control their emotions in order to change their act at that time. At that time a person should definitely put all his concentration on the conflict and not towards venting their emotions towards others. During the time of an intense conflict people should use some intelligent ways in order to escape such a kind of chaos and keep their emotion in check like, going to the restroom or getting a glass of water or going outside for a few minutes. One can also practice and concentrate on some breathing techniques for a few minutes and then try to regain focus on the problem and not on the emotions. Another essential Conflict Management Skill is separating people from the problem. Sometimes people become so much entangled in a problem that they start treating people and the problem as one. A smart Conflict Management Skill should to separate people from the problem in order to think about the problem in a more deeper, emotional and perceptive level.