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Are You keeping in Touch?

Working alone is not in itself against the law, and it will often be quite safe to do so. However the Health and Safety Executive advises that the  law requires employers and others to think about and deal with health and  safety risks before people should be allowed to work alone.

Employers have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare at  work of all their employees.  They are also responsible for the health and safety of those affected by work activities.

These responsibilities cannot  be  transferred  to  any other person, including those people who work alone. It is the employer’s duty to assess risks to lone workers  and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary. To ensure that they  have  the necessary means of communication  to  get  assistance when they need it and to ensure that you can contact them throughout the shift as a means of welfare checks. Mobile  communication devices such as the Urgentys, GEM-Shield and Land Rover S1 Phone are now available for less than the  cost of a mobile  phone,   which  are highly   robust,   lightweight, durable and designed to operate in the harshest outdoor environments. Lone Worker Devices


These devices have many features including the latest is satellite tracking, allowing staff to be located instantly via online mapping in the event they need assistance of any kind. They provide instant communication with the emergency services and have a speaker phone which is good for up to 2m away. The battery life is in excess of 24 hours, standard two-way phone communication with all the functionality of a current mobile phone and or multiple radio type multiple radio communication using push to talc. this only a brief summary of the features these devices offer. Using any one of these devices will assist you in meeting your legal duties, but is only part of the lone worker solution.