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Foundation Health & Safety

This nationally recognised qualification is designed to give basic foundation knowledge in good Health & Safety practices in the workplace. It will make the participant aware of the current legislation and how it impacts service Provision and the process of providing and maintaining a safe place to work.

Senior CEO, supervisor and Managers
Course Numbers:
Minimum 1 and Maximum 12
Learning Outcomes:
* Current legal duties
* Concept of risk assessments
* EU ‘6’ pack
* Understanding Fire Safety
* Concept of first aid provision
* History
* Definition of Health & Safety
* Factors influencing health & safety
* Legal duties
* Risk assessment process
* Accident at work
* Work equipment
* Fire safety
* Occupational health
* Hazardous substances
* Noise at work
* Manual handling
* Personal protective equipment
* Display screen equipment
* First aid
1 day
Pass Consultant Qualified trainer